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Chemistry / Pharma


  • Continuous drying/vacuum drying of fine chemicals
  • Continuous heating of corrosive viscous prodcts
  • Drying of iron ore, phosphate sand etc
  • Reaction accelerator in chemical processing (catalysis/pyrolysis)
  • Heating / liquefying of high viscous chemical raw-materials in 200kg barrels
  • Drying of peroxide/explosive materials


  • Vacuum drying of tablets (also solvent-based under explosive protection) covering the GMP-Pharma requirements
  • Pasteurization/improvement of shelf life of pharmaceutical products
  • Heating/liquefying of high-viscous pharmaceutical and cosmetical raw materials (Fat, Panthenol etc.)
  • Drying of filters in the seperation technology
  • Ultra fast heating of sera
  • Tempering of cosmetic textures
Ceramics / Nanotchnology


  • Heating and drying of ceramic goods
  • Drying of ceramic catalyzers
  • Drying of fibre ceramics
  • Continuous sintering of ceramic pellets
  • Sintering of barium titanate
  • Sintering of oxide ceramics
  • Drying / heating / sintering of tungsten carbide


  • High end drying down to ppm residual moisture levels
  • High end drying without friction losses
  • High end drying under microwave and vacuum
  • Continuous heating/coagulating of sausages
  • Continuous heating/coagulating of krill
  • Continuous heating/coagulating of fruit pulp
  • Continuous heating/pasteurization of hazel nut paste
  • Heating / pasteurization of cheese products
  • Roasting of coffee-beans
  • Tempering of frozen fruits
  • Tempering of frozen fish blocks
  • Drying of nuts
  • pasteurization of packed sliced bread
  • pasteurization of spices / herbs
  • Puffing and Drying of tobacco
Plastics / Medical


  • Heating of phenolic laminated sheets and boards
  • Polymerization of fibre glass reinforced profiles
  • Heating/Melting of polyamide used in the medical industry (infusion systems, catheters etc)
  • Melting of optical fibres with high polypropylene content
  • Preheating of plastic profiles
  • Heating of epoxide pipes/tubes
  • Heating of heat-shrinkable molded parts/tubings
  • Drying of plastic raw-materials and granulates
  • Drying of film sheet materials and film emulsion
  • Drying of coating
  • Drying of casting cores


  • Heating/Melting of polyamide used in the medical industry (infusion systems, catheters etc)
  • Drying of dialysors
Paper / Sheet Material / Textiles / Wood

Paper / Sheet Material

  • Heating of paper web for removing solvents like toluol
  • Drying / Preheating of paper webs in the printing industry
  • Drying of adhesive coatings on fast paper webs
  • Heating / Drying of fast single paper sheets
  • Heating of fleece webs
  • Preheating leather-fibre webs


  • Heating of cotton reels
  • Drying of fast threads
  • Drying / heating of textile webs


  • Preheating / drying of laminated wood
  • Drying of wood-fibre boards