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Püschner Microwave Power Systems

leading in Advanced Microwave Process Technology

PÜSCHNER Microwaves is a high-end technology company specializing in industrial microwave heating and drying applications.

With over 50 years of experience in this specialized field of application, Püschner covers the increasing demand for advanced thermal processing technology in the field of biotech, ceramics, food technology, nanotechnology, medical technology and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Püschner's strengths are customer-specific system designs to optimally implement the relevant application.

The main product lines consist of continuous microwave dryers in the chemical, ceramic and food industries, microwave vacuum dryers for quick drying of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) at low temperatures, microwave freeze drying in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as continuous microwave flow heaters for pasteurization in the food industry, for sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for chemical reactions.

WaveDryer 180.18

µWaveDryer 180.18

Our Main Product Lines

Conti Dryer

Conti Dryer / Conti Heater

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Flow Heater

Flow Heater / Reactor

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Chamber Oven

Chamber Oven

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Vacuum Drying / Freeze-Drying

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